Sunday, December 28, 2008

In Over My Head?

i think it is very possible that i am in over my head with this new project.  it's going to be a present so i can't go into details, just incase certain people read this blog.  i hope i can get some help on tuesday when heather gets back in town!  this is definitely going to be taking up a lot of my knitting/sewing time in the months to come...
sewing the quilt

Monday, December 22, 2008

Single Sock Syndrome

i finished one of my "long go with the flow socks" (for myself!) but now i think i am suffering from single sock syndrome.  
long go with the flow

i am looking for anything i can possibly do besides start the second one! 
i made a hurricane hat for a friend:
hurricane hat

not bad for a sunday morning watching political tv in bed recovering from a little bout of mastitis
and a scarf for a homesick friend in germany (i hope to get a better picture of him wearing it...)
matt's iro scarf

i even started fixing up one of the huge sweaters i made last year that never fit quite right, so you know i have to be desperate!
but i think i would really love wearing them - so i think i will cast on for the second one tonight!

i really want this blog to be just about knitting and sewing - but just look at what e did for the first time today!  we are too excited over at the little blue house!
ellie walking

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Presents = All Done!

all of the presents are finally done!
the last hold out was my mom's needle holder:
needle case closed
and open:
needle case for mom
the fabrics are all from brooklyn general.  i was able to make it last sunday when b took h to soccer and e actually took a nap!

i also managed to make a february "girlie" sweater for one of my favorite 3 year olds!  i think she looks very adorable!  the yarn is mirasol's miski and i used size 8 needles.  a specified that she wanted blue buttons, i thought they should be sparkley - they are also from brooklyn general. i modified the stitch count from ez's original and you can get all the details on ravelry.
abby's february
abby's sweater's buttons

since i finished all these projects, i decided it was time to make something for myself.  i should have started the february lady sweater, but i went with a pair of socks.  not that into knitting them so it may take awhile.  they are going to be extra long go with the flow socks from interweave.  i'm doing a contrast ribbing, heel and toe.  the yarn is some really yummy fibre company canopy fingering weight.  actually, talking about them makes me like them more - i guess i should be knitting and not typing!  sorry about the picture, it is sleeting outside - so an indoor flash picture will have to do.
go with the flow
here is a picture of e in her thanksgiving apple dress - i don't think she could be any cuter :)
apple dress

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Study In Koolhaas

these are my third, fourth and fifth koolhaas hat.  i love this hat and it knits up so quickly, making a great holiday present, but i think i am done with this pattern for a little.  finished b's 10 minutes before he had to take h to soccer this morning. which was great since it is freezing here and he had no hats!!!!
i used malabrigo worsted for all of them.  you can get all of the information on ravelry.

koolhaas study
koolhaas 3,4,5

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Socks

it is december 4th and i am very pleased to announce that i am almost done with all my holiday presents!  this could mean that there are no 2am frantically knitting nights ahead of me.  i am just too excited for words!  here are some of my recent finished objects:

fruit loops
daisy's fruit loops - i really hope she loves them.
yarn - noro kureyon sock, needles - size 2.  the pattern is the fruit loop socks from knitty's summer 2008 issue. any more info can be found here.

gayla's socks
gayla's socks
yarn - claudia's handpainted fingering weight. - i am loving this yarn, now to get brooklyn general to start carrying it so i don't need to go to long island to get it.  although it is good to have a reason to visit my mom's lys.  needles - size 1.  the pattern is go with the flow from interweave.  any extra details can be found on ravelry.

another koolhaas down, two more to go.

since i foolishly forgot to take a picture of e in her thanksgiving dress, i'll leave you with these pictures of her in her smockette this morning!

smockette front
smockette back

Monday, November 24, 2008

thanksgiving dress

the majority of e's clothes came from my sister, who buys much nicer stuff than i ever would.  so she is a very well dressed little girl but i miss picking out special stuff for her.  because of this i really wanted to make her a special dress for thanksgiving.  so i put aside all of my holiday gift knitting and whipped up this adorable little apple dress:
thanksgiving dress front

thanksgiving dress back
the fabric is from purl patchwork, i don't know the name.
the pattern is simplicity #4203, dress a without the ruffles and ribbon.

it looks really cute on - i'll post some pictures after i take some on thanksgiving. now it is back to getting those presents done! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

one down

yea! i can cross one of my presents to do off my list.

thanks for the picture, melissa.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


it's that time of the year, trying to get all the holiday presents i've planned completed.  i actually have high hopes that i can get everything done but it leave me very little time to get any sewing done and i really wanted to make a new dress for e to wear on thanksgiving...
but anyway, here is what i've been working on and actually finishing on time.
the hemlock ring blanket for my grandma.  all the details are here on ravelry.   i really love the way it came out!  thanks for the great pattern brooklyntweed.
henlock ring 2

a seed stitch coat for my niece's birthday (e has a matching one).  this one killed me - i may be done with debbie bliss forever!

i'm planning on making project bags for all of h's teachers.  one down, ten to go.  it is basically a pillow case with a ribbon on top to use as a drawstring.
project bags

and finally, some mittens for h.  it should be getting cold out soon and this is the yarn he picked from my stash.  not bad for under two hours of work.
harry's mittens

now all i have left is something for the greatest babysitter, my brother, brother-in-law, mother-in-law and mother - totally doable, right?

Monday, November 3, 2008

some finishing

this was a great week/weekend.  i got done a lot of little finishing work that i had been avoiding.  finished up lizzy's sweater - here it is:
i love the way it came out.  i am secretly hoping she doesn't like it and i can keep it. plus it fits perfectly!  it is silk garden sock and i used size 3 needles - you can get all the details here.

i also finished up the hemlock ring blanket for my grandmother, just needs some blocking and then i can post some pictures.

here is the little skirt for e - it looks so cute with the sunday brunch jacket.
the fabric is from purl patchwork.  how cute is the little kick pleat?
and finally, a picture of e in her butterfly dress!

Monday, October 27, 2008

almost done!

Originally uploaded by gottlieblauren

lizzy's sweater blocking! i love the colors so much. if she doesn't like it, i'm keeping it!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

sunday brunch

this project was definitely a little more complicated than the dresses i've done before.  i am glad i pressed on and got it done because it is adorable, if i do say so myself!  i started it saturday night and figured i would finish it up sunday evening - but when i was up super early (thanks e...) i figured i would just finish it then.

here it is:

the pattern is oliver + s, sunday brunch jacket.  the fabric is a blue chambray from purl patchwork.  the buttons are little flowers from brooklyn general.  

i have some fabric for the skirt and will try to get to that this week, so e can have a complete outfit.  this may be the winning birthday outfit for my niece's birthday party.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

sewing like crazy

i just started sewing, have always just been a knitting girl but since learning how - thanks to a great class at my favorite yarn/fabric store - i am hooked!!  it is so fast.  you can't beat the instant gratification and the adorable clothes i can make for my little baby girl. since ravelrydoesn't have a sewing site yet and my overwhelming need to share, i had to start this - craftybrooklyn.

last week i completed the first dress i would actually put on E.  such a thrill that i was able to make it and in only one night.

i used simplicity's new look pattern #6578 - without the appliques.  the fabric is from a great fabric store near my friend's country house in hudson, new york and the buttons are from brooklyn general.

tonight, in only one hour, i made this adorable "smockette" from the mayfly's blog - thanks to my awesome friend for letting my know about it.  it is reversible - e can wear it as a dress now and a shirt as she gets older.  the fabric is also from that store in hudson.


these pictures aren't the best but i promise to post some on E in natural light as soon as i get a chance.

since i've been doing all this sewing my knitting has taken a backseat - but that has got to change.  i have way too many projects to finish up before the holidays - i'll post some knitting pictures of those as i get them done - until then you can check them out here.