Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back On A Roll

i think i am finally back on a roll as far as knitting is concerned - i'm also starting work on a quilt. the crafty bug is finally back in this little corner of brooklyn!

first up is this little blue dress i made for myself.

blue dress detail

yarn: elsebeth lavold silky wool in blue
needles: size 5, circular

blue dress

didn't make a lot of modifications. the only one was to add a little waist shaping. great simple mindless pattern. didn't even mind all the crochet trim!

i was feeling much better after working on the blue dress, so much so that i decided to use up the 3 skeins of pink synchronicity i had laying around to make up a sweater for e.

e's sweater

yarn: alchemy synchronicity in vermillion
needles: size 6, circular

e's sweater

all i knew was i wanted a little cardigan for e that she could wear in the spring (she pretty much won't wear any color but pink...) and i had just 3 skeins of the yarn so had to make something for her now before i wouldn't have a sweater's worth anymore. i was feeling inspired by japanese design and thought it would be cool to have an asymmetrical opening in the front. with that information i did a gauge - took her measurements and started knitting. i knit stockinette until i got to the armholes. i then separated for the fronts and back, provisionally cast on for the sleeves and knit up both fronts. leaving the fronts on waste yarn, i picked up the sleeve stitches provisionally cast on and knit up the back. next i grafted the tops of the sleeves and the shoulder stitches together and knit up the collar. i would have made the collar bigger but was running low on yarn. since i had so much doing the crochet trim on the blue dress, i did the same here.
i actually took really good notes while knitting this so if anyone is interested in the pattern, let me know and i can write it up. also, i think it would be a super easy pattern for me to size up or down.

e's sweater

Friday, April 15, 2011

Finishing Up With Winter

spring is finally here. i swear this has been the longest. most depressing winter. i have had way too much going on and unfortunately that left me with very little time to do all the crafty things that i love and that make me happy. here are two projects i can share - not the most glamourous but finished! - just click on the names to go to ravelry.

swans island sweater
swans island sweater
yarn: swan's island organic merino in worsted weight
needles: #7 circular
pattern: auburn top from new england knits

i didn't make any real modifications to this except to make it a little longer. the sweater is just ok but the yarn was a delight to knit with. definitely worth the large price tag :)

mom's coat
detail mom's coat
detail mom's coat
yarn: rowan felted tween aran
needles: #7 straight
pattern: audrey coat from blue sky alpacas

the major mod i made was to use a much thicker tweedy yarn. when i saw this pattern i thought it called for a tweed. i hate to say bad things about patterns and there was nothing "wrong" with this one but god was it boring! i had been working on it off and on for a year and i am so glad to be done! was originally planning on making one of these for myself as well but not anymore - so glad i didn't buy all the yarn.

the best news right now in my life is i have decided to step down as pta president from my son's school. it was making me so unhappy and i feel it left me in a way worse position to actually help out there and make a real difference. i am looking forward to this summer and then coming back in the fall. i can volunteer for only the events i want to be involved with and have a lot more time to do the stuff that puts a smile on my face and take care of my family.
i am working on a bunch of projects right now that i am actually excited about - a quilt, a knit dress for myself and i have an idea for a sweater design for my daughter.