Sunday, May 3, 2009

A New Purchase

i know i said i wasn't going to do it until both kids are in school but.... i bought a spinning wheel - a little ladybug!  i love it, it is so cute and i think i am really going to like spinning.  but it is definitely going to take quite a bit of practice...
here is a shot of my first skein:

first handspun

i washed it to set it and will take another shot after i ball it up.  i feel like my four old after he gets a new truck!!!!

since i last posted i have a bunch of finished objects - here they are:

a clapotis for my mom for mother's day.  you can get all the details on ravelry.

bling tank
a blinged out tank for myself.  details here.

some napkins for my sister's mother-in-law for mother's day. 

little dress
a cute little dress for e out of some fabulous japanese fabric.

some pants for e out of more fabulous japanese fabric.

and finally some progress on the pi are square shawl.