Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Silky Wool

last summer my fabulous knitter friend, kusi, introduced me to norah gaughan's patterns. of course i immediately started lining up projects in my head. i've made a few and had some hits and some misses but the "anhinga" from the berroco vol 5 book was the one that always stood out. the problem was i wanted to make it for myself but i had too many holiday gifts on my queue! i even bought the yarn for it in august at brooklyn general's august sale. i finished it this morning and couldn't wait to show it off:
Grey Norah Gaughn

after two seamless hybrids and the ez green sweater it was really a pleasure to knit separate pieces and sew them together! it was so great to just finish the back quickly! all the details are on ravelry.

as i write this, i am trying to figure out what to knit next. here is a list of what i want to get to this year:
leg warmers for e (she is a little obsessed with leg warmers)
frost flowers shawl
two color bog jacket
rorschach sweater
fair isle sweater for myself
fair isle yoke for h
hybrid for b
the olive sweater from amimono
something fair isle and steeked

actually, the list can go on and on...
i am thinking i will go with the frost flowers shawl. i haven't knit any lace recently. it would be nice to put down the size 6 needles and maybe step away from the silky wool for a little. plus, i am sure i can make some leg warmers for e on the go since lace isn't really a good traveling project. oh and anne, if you are reading this, i know i should have the chicken mittens on that list but i am just sooooo not into them :(

most importantly, i will be teaching a baby surprise jacket class in february at brooklyn general on wednesday mornings at 10am. you can call the store at 718.237.7753 to sign up!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Not Blocked

but here's a shot of the green sweater on!
green sweater
as you can see, i still can't decide on any closures. for now i am going with broaches as closures until i come up with something else... the fabulous art direction of the photo is all mary!

i've got a norah gaughn sweater on the needles that i've been wanting to knit forever and i'm having a blast. after all these sweaters in the round there is something to be said for finishing pieces and knitting with decadent rosewood straight needles. but the lovely norah has to wait a little because my friday morning knitting group "the chickens" is doing a mitten kal. so here are the start of the egyptian mittens. don't hate me, anne, if i finish them soon - i have a long car trip this weekend ;)
chicken mittens

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


well, almost. it needs some blocking and buttons - but i couldn't wait to share!
ta da - the green sweater!!!!
green sweater

green sweater sleeve

it took a little bit of time because i had to rip out the sleeve twice! and redid how i sewed down the steeked edges. but i love how it came out - it has a real retro fit. i will get some pictures of it on after i block and get the buttons on. i am thinking of just doing some hook and eye closures - any opinions?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Wrap Up

happy new year! i have a ton of projects in my head for 2010 but thought i would take some time for a 2009 knitting wrap up.
2009 mosaic
wow, i got a lot done! :) here's to a great year of all good things and happy knitting!