Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some Quick Sewing

i have to warn you - not the best photography here but i just finished some small sewing projects and wanted to share :)

tiered halter

pattern: oliver + s tiered halter from stitches magazine spring 2010
fabric: liberty of london from brooklyn general

words really cannot describe how much i love sewing with liberty fabric. it is just so smooth and flies thru the machine. now if it just wasn't so expensive! brooklyn general is having a sale so i finally got some to make the tiered halter shirt that was just featured in stitches magazine. i made three of these - for e and my two nieces. the pattern was very simple and easy to follow. besides printing out and taping together the pattern pieces... i didn't make any modifications. i do hope to get a picture today of all three girls in the shirt together.

robot pajamas

pattern: oliver + s bedtime story pajamas
fabric: ready, set, robot from city quilter.

h was getting a little upset with the amount of sewing/knitting i do for e and not for him. it is true and i feel bad but it is just so much easier to a cute little dress than boys clothes :( but i had come across this robot fabric on a red background and picked up a few yards. (anyone who knows h knows red is his favorite color!) the pattern was super simple - the only mod i made was to just hem the bottom and i used the same fabric for the waist band as the legs. he's pretty happy with the results :)

robot pajamas