Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stash Busting

i have had three cones of some habu tsumugi in my stash for a couple of years. i kept looking at it and looking at it with no clue what to make - sort of figured at some point i would make something lace out of it. but i also had been stashing the liesl pattern from cocoknits and then it clicked! i could double the tsumugi and make the tank!

Habu Tank

pattern: liesl by julie weisenberger
yarn: habu tsumugi in color #16, cocoa
needles: #7 circular, 24 inch

this is one of the rare occasions where i planned on making no modifications but had to. i started with no mods and knit up past the pockets but then i noticed how much yarn i had left... unfortunately not enough to finish. so i frogged back and decided to forget the pockets. i also got nervous about the yarn again when it came to the length, so that became a little shorter as well. i still really like it and i think that is due to the yarn. what amazing stuff this is - it creates such an amazing fabric and i think i have found a new favorite. now if only brooklyn general would start carrying it... definitely planning a trip up to habu in the next few weeks.

Habu Tank
Habu Tank

since i didn't get to add the pockets, my next project will definitely have some. not sure exactly what it will be but i picked up some lana grossa biosoja - a combination of soy, cotton and bamboo in this awesome orange.

Orange Cardigan

i know what you will probably say, "a cotton, yuck!" but my friend, heather, had some knit up and it was actually nice. plus, i have a drapey cardigan in mind and this will definitely drape.

i am still making progress - slow progress - on my quilt and hope to have some photos soon.