Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Socks

it is december 4th and i am very pleased to announce that i am almost done with all my holiday presents!  this could mean that there are no 2am frantically knitting nights ahead of me.  i am just too excited for words!  here are some of my recent finished objects:

fruit loops
daisy's fruit loops - i really hope she loves them.
yarn - noro kureyon sock, needles - size 2.  the pattern is the fruit loop socks from knitty's summer 2008 issue. any more info can be found here.

gayla's socks
gayla's socks
yarn - claudia's handpainted fingering weight. - i am loving this yarn, now to get brooklyn general to start carrying it so i don't need to go to long island to get it.  although it is good to have a reason to visit my mom's lys.  needles - size 1.  the pattern is go with the flow from interweave.  any extra details can be found on ravelry.

another koolhaas down, two more to go.

since i foolishly forgot to take a picture of e in her thanksgiving dress, i'll leave you with these pictures of her in her smockette this morning!

smockette front
smockette back

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