Monday, December 22, 2008

Single Sock Syndrome

i finished one of my "long go with the flow socks" (for myself!) but now i think i am suffering from single sock syndrome.  
long go with the flow

i am looking for anything i can possibly do besides start the second one! 
i made a hurricane hat for a friend:
hurricane hat

not bad for a sunday morning watching political tv in bed recovering from a little bout of mastitis
and a scarf for a homesick friend in germany (i hope to get a better picture of him wearing it...)
matt's iro scarf

i even started fixing up one of the huge sweaters i made last year that never fit quite right, so you know i have to be desperate!
but i think i would really love wearing them - so i think i will cast on for the second one tonight!

i really want this blog to be just about knitting and sewing - but just look at what e did for the first time today!  we are too excited over at the little blue house!
ellie walking

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