Sunday, October 3, 2010

Leftover Knitting

besides holiday presents the only thing i have been knitting lately is stuff i meant to get done a long time ago but never finished.
first up are a pair of socks from my ridiculous stash of sock yarn.

koigu socks
pattern: copper penny by nancy bush from knitting socks with handpainted yarns
yarn: koigu painter's palette premium merino
needles: size 1.5 circular

i used the magic loop method and made a few modifications after reading other people's notes on ravelry. the pattern called for 72 stitches which seemed a bit much and most people commented that their socks were huge. i got rid of one 12 stitch pattern repeat and casted on 60 stitches - i'm glad i did because my socks fit great! the only other mod i made was to use the eye of the partridge stitch for the heel (but i always use this stitch!) all in all, i am very happy with these socks and i'm glad i used a little of my stash but i wish i used some of my claudia's handpainted yarn for socks for me - i think it is just a little but softer.

up next, i finally made another present for my husband.

cobblestone detail
pattern: cobblestone pullover by jared flood in interweave knits
yarn: kathmandu aran
needles: size 7 circular

cobblestone side
i have had this yarn sitting around for around 2 years and have started and frogged numerous sweaters for b until i finally decided i had to make something and the cobblestone seemed like an easy mindless knit. which it was but i didn't love it. basically just an ez seamless yoke which i have been knitting a lot of lately... the only modification i made was to the neck - i reduced the amount of stitches and the neck is still big! oh well, b is still happy with it and that is all that matters.
cobblestone neck

up next, i have a whole slew of latvian mittens in mind for holiday gifts and a coat for my mother. i have also taken on a huge role in my son's school (more about that another time) so hopefully it won't interfere too much with my knitting!