Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Presents = All Done!

all of the presents are finally done!
the last hold out was my mom's needle holder:
needle case closed
and open:
needle case for mom
the fabrics are all from brooklyn general.  i was able to make it last sunday when b took h to soccer and e actually took a nap!

i also managed to make a february "girlie" sweater for one of my favorite 3 year olds!  i think she looks very adorable!  the yarn is mirasol's miski and i used size 8 needles.  a specified that she wanted blue buttons, i thought they should be sparkley - they are also from brooklyn general. i modified the stitch count from ez's original and you can get all the details on ravelry.
abby's february
abby's sweater's buttons

since i finished all these projects, i decided it was time to make something for myself.  i should have started the february lady sweater, but i went with a pair of socks.  not that into knitting them so it may take awhile.  they are going to be extra long go with the flow socks from interweave.  i'm doing a contrast ribbing, heel and toe.  the yarn is some really yummy fibre company canopy fingering weight.  actually, talking about them makes me like them more - i guess i should be knitting and not typing!  sorry about the picture, it is sleeting outside - so an indoor flash picture will have to do.
go with the flow
here is a picture of e in her thanksgiving apple dress - i don't think she could be any cuter :)
apple dress

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