Sunday, March 28, 2010

Feeling Green

there has been a lot of knitting going on with green yarn... first up i finished the leg warmers!

leg warmers
leg warmers
yarn: dream in color smooshy
needles: size 3, 12" circular
pattern: some cloudy day by owl knits

these were such a quick knit. i don't know why it took me so long to finally make leg warmers for myself. i am always so cold. don't have a lot of comments on the pattern - made no mods. i love the color of the yarn but i don't think i would like the feel of it for socks - leg warmers or socks, perfect though. here they are on ravelry - the picture of them not finished is closer to the actual color.


and now i am working on a beaded lace shawl from knitty - bitterroot. i have a friend in mind that i am going to give this to - i think she could use a little present. i've been so into knitting lace shawls lately - but how many can one person have? very happy to have so many deserving people in my life!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Little Knits

i haven't been in such a knitting mood lately. so i have been working on lots of little projects that i can finish quickly. (it is also my niece's birthday next week - so had to make something for her :)

yarn: cascade 220 heathers - purpley
needles: size 10.5 straight needles and size 5 for the band
pattern: just like a peasant cap by amber daniels

a friend of mine had a hat like this and i wanted one for myself for awhile. i came across the pattern on ravelry. it is a funny little hat - took a while to figure out how to wear it but once i did i fell in love. speaking of love - love cascade 220. i cannot believe i never made anything out of it before. but what a great yarn - can tell this will become a major workhorse in my stash!

yarn: one made of fibre company savannah, one made of blue sky alpaca melange
needles: size 5, 24 inch circular and 12 inch circular
pattern: oriental lily by georgie hallam

i made one of these for my niece for her birthday and one for e. such a great pattern. super fast and always love something with minimal finishing. i have had the melange in my stash for a while and it may be my favorite colorway ever! - it is very similar to the color of the peasant hat. i thought i had 5 skeins of it so this was just the perfect project for it. but then... i found 4 more skeins! this is when i realized that maybe i am not the best mother - my first thought was, "i could have made something for myself." but i guess i'm not that bad because i didn't frog what i had already started. still need to do the arms of e's but it won't fit her until next year so i'll get to it when i get to it.

since i haven't been into knitting that much i decided to get the spinning wheel out. i have a ton of fiber that i have been really excited about spinning. of course, though, i have this mohair/romney blend that i started spinning already on the wheel. so i just figured i would finish spinning that up.
i am not a huge fan of knitting with mohair but a friend of mine made a beautiful dress out of it - so i think i'll give it to her :)

on the needles now - a pair of legwarmers!