Sunday, October 26, 2008

sunday brunch

this project was definitely a little more complicated than the dresses i've done before.  i am glad i pressed on and got it done because it is adorable, if i do say so myself!  i started it saturday night and figured i would finish it up sunday evening - but when i was up super early (thanks e...) i figured i would just finish it then.

here it is:

the pattern is oliver + s, sunday brunch jacket.  the fabric is a blue chambray from purl patchwork.  the buttons are little flowers from brooklyn general.  

i have some fabric for the skirt and will try to get to that this week, so e can have a complete outfit.  this may be the winning birthday outfit for my niece's birthday party.

1 comment:

mauras said...

Hey, when did you get a blog and why didn't you tell me? YOu are incredible. So fast, so adept....gorgeous. Will you hold my hand through the process?