Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stainless Rock

i made a pact with myself to only knit original designs for the rest of this year - but already broke it!

Rock Island Shawl

pattern: rock island shawl by jared flood
yarn: habu xs-45 20/3 bamboo in color number 1 and habu stainless steel filament held together
needles: #5 circular

i spent an awesome day with a good friend at habu recently where we both bought some of this bamboo and stainless figuring we'd get to it sometime. but then i realized another great friend had a birthday coming up and i really wanted to make something for her. i just knew she would appreciate something handmade and especially something made out of such a funky material. the rock island shawl seemed like the perfect companion for the stainless - such an open lace that could use something to really hold the shape.
Rock Island Shawl

to be honest, i didn't love the pattern - i found starting with the edging to be a little boring and if it wasn't for a present a week away i probably would have put it away.

Rock Island Shawl

i definitely loved the effect of the metal thread through out and now have some good ideas about how to use all the other stainless and copper i bought - so stay tuned :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunset Cardi

i was super upset that i ran out of yarn on the habu tank i just made and couldn't do the pockets. i really love pockets!!! so the next project definitely needed some. add those pockets into a much needed lightweight summer sweater and you get the:

Sunset Cardi

pattern: made up as i went along
yarn: lana grossa linea pura biosoja, 9 skeins
needles: size 5 circular

i knit to my measurements - but should be easy enough to size up or down so please leave a comment or message me if you want the full details.

Sunset Cardi neck

inspired by simple japanese clothing, the sunset cardi is an asymmetrical cardigan fastened at the top and allowed to swing open. i started at the bottom and knit up around 9 inches where i created space for the pockets on each side. at the same time i did some slight waist shaping.

Sunset Cardi Arm

when long enough to the armholes i separated for the front and back. using the provisional cast on method, i added enough stitches to form the arms (i like long sleeves) and knit up the fronts. leaving the fronts on waste yarn, i picked up the stitches from the provisional cast on and knit up the back and then grafted the front and back stitches together, leaving a larger than average neck. the collar is just the neck stitches knit back and forth until it was a size i was comfortable with. not wanting to take away from the simplicity of the sweater, i used snaps as closures.

Sunset Cardi Back

this was a super simple and fast knit and i am happy to write the pattern up for anyone interested. it definitely calls for a heavy, drapey yarn!