Saturday, September 26, 2009

Summer Knitting Wrap Up

i really didn't think that i got a lot of knitting done this summer - but as i was putting the projects on my ravelry page they added up. there are a lot of little goodies to share - so here are the photos with links to ravelry so you can read about them in more detail - if you'd like!

the baby bog for e - this really deserves more of an explanation but e broke her arm this week and we have just been so tired over here that i just don't have the energy :( the good news is it fits over the cast!
baby bog
baby bog

h's star wars sweater - love, love, love!!!!! - also probably deserves more explanation... i will try to blog about these two another time.
star wars yoke sweater

a little t-shirt for a good friend's daughter - i think she looks awesome and seems to love it.

Ellie February Baby
Ellie February Baby

herringbone socks

cashmere glittens - perfect for iphone using:

that's it for now. right now i'm working on a whole bunch of holiday presents and even have some mostly done. also trying to get in some spinning time - i bought a ton of fiber this summer!! hope to get some pictures up soon :)
i know my explanations were pretty brief - so feel free to email me if you want to know more.

until next time - happy knitting!