Saturday, December 26, 2009

Last Minute Holidays

i was sitting pretty, thinking i had finished all my holiday knitting and was really enjoying working on the elizabeth zimmerman green sweater for myself when my husband turned to me and asked what i had made for his mother! 5 days before christmas!!! i could have killed him - i specifically said i wasn't going to make anything for her this time - i had already made the hourglass sweater for her for mother's day. i really thought this time it would be a store bought gift. but the laziness of not wanting to deal with the stores and a huge snowstorm won out and searched my stash of magazines and yarn to find something fast. vogue holiday had a cute lace beret pattern for fingering weight yarn - and i have more of that than anything else. perfect! and it only took 2 days! here it is:
lace beret
lace beret

and on ravelry.

i have made a little bit of progress on "the green sweater" - one sleeve almost done. i have to be honest, i am losing a little bit of interest. and i have a little bit of a problem with the sleeve - it decreased very fast and is pretty narrow. i really, really don't want to rip back though. trying to decide what to do...
ez green sweater sleeve

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Chris said...

The hat looks very nice! I've made so many things for my mom-in-law in the last year or two, I warned my husband early in Dec. I wasn't doing another someting for her (he still tried!).
I'm so sorry about the sleeves. I saw you posted in the EZ KAL group. Besides slowing down the decreases, can you do fewer decreases? Anyway, best of luck to you. I know how disheartening ripping is. I'm still waiting for my yarn. Mail to Canada is excrutiatingly slow.