Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Knitting Done!

i can't believe i finished all my holiday knitting so early! i have even started a project for myself - but more about that later. as for the presents, my list was
seamless hybrid for my brother - done
seamless hybrid for my brother in law - done
little scarf for mother in law - decided not to do
little scarf for mother - done
norah gaughn tank for my sister - done
socks for my brother's girlfriend - done
something for dad?!? - decided not to do
cth sweater for niece - done
baby surprise jacket for niece - done

ok - so i decided not to do everything - but i think i got a lot done. two men's sweaters!!!! now for some pictures (with links to ravelry for details, of course)...

the little scarf for my mom. i made from some handspun from guanaco. my friend - hellomello - made it and i had just one skein. i thought this was the perfect use and my mom loves it.
scarf for mom

the norah gaughn tank for my sister. i used one of my favorite noro colorways - silk garden sock. it isn't my favorite thing i've made but if anyone can wear it, my sister can.
norah gaughn for lizzy

socks for my brother's girlfriend. i made one last summer and just knocked out the other one in a few days!
herringbone socks

cornelia tuttle hamilton sweater for my older niece. i had made this sweater for h years ago and it still fits him! i love the pattern, such a quick knit! this one is made from my all time favorite noro silk garden colorway. and no, i did not cut out the green - the new dye lot just has a lot less! - for those of you familiar with noro color #87...
cth for lucy
cth for lucy

a baby surprise jacket for my younger niece. what can i say - love the bsj and of course, favorite color!
bsj for lola

since i finished all those presents, i thought it was a good time to start a project for myself. the brand new elizabeth zimmerman pattern came out and i am not embarrassed to say i bought the pattern 5 minutes after i got the email! yes, i am talking about the infamous elizabeth zimmerman green sweater. i'm making it from elsebeth lavold silky wool. this is my first steeking project and i am terrified. in truth, i am writing this post now to avoid getting to the steeking part. here it is on ravelry - but i will be posting more pictures as i move along with the process... please send all knitting prayers this way!
ez green sweater

some big news - my favorite yarn store - brooklyn general - now has online shopping! i also think i may be teaching a class at downtown yarns in manhattan in january - more details later!!!


Chris said...

Wow! Good job on all the holiday knitting! I also bought the green sweater pattern within minutes! I'm still waiting for the package to come from SHP. Yours looks gorgeous!!

somuchyarn said...

Great version of the Green Sweater! I love Silky Wool.

Pearlesyarn said...

Love your green sweater. I bought the pattern too but haven't started on it yet. The thought of steeks is sooo scary! I am very interested to see how you get on, please keep us up to date on your progress:-)