Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Hybrids

i have been so busy lately. too much going on in this house - including a tree falling on our car, eeks!!!! i have been getting some knitting done though. have been totally feeling the holiday crunch. of course, i took on too much and now feel like i can't get it all done.
here is the list:
seamless hybrid for my brother - done
seamless hybrid for my brother in law - done
little scarf for mother in law
little scarf for mother
norah gaughn tank for my sister - almost done
something for dad?!?
cth sweater for niece - needs a little finishing
baby surprise jacket for niece - needs buttons and two seams sewn.

ok - i guess that looks doable - i hope...

i gave the boys their seamless hybrids on thanksgiving since they were also their birthday presents. the fit is perfect! here they are on ravelry. i think they like them - what do you think?
bryce and michael
michael's sweater detail
bryce's sweater detail

promise to post any progress this weekend!!!

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