Wednesday, February 1, 2012

May The Tooth Be With You

h is now in first grade and most of his friends have started to lose their teeth.  h has not and that has led to many meltdowns... to try to make him feel better, i made him the ultimate star wars fan tooth pillow so he would be all set when he finally does lose that tooth!


may the tooth be with you
yarn: imperial stock ranch tracie in black for the base and cream for the millennium falcon
needles: size 4 for the base and side 5 for the ship

first i knit two 14 inch squares in the black and then knit the basic shape for the millennium falcon out of the cream going up one size in needles.  i used a picture of a cookie millennium from pottery barn - they had already simplified the details and i figured why not take the easy way out!


i then sewed the ship on the pillow, added the details and then sewed the whole thing together and stuffed it with a 14 inch pillow form.  for the tooth pocket, i just knit a simple oval shape.


here's hoping he loses a tooth soon!

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