Sunday, November 13, 2011

Who Is The Fairest Of Them All

at the same time h asked for a yoda sweater, e asked for a snow white sweater...

snow white

pattern: my own snow white
yarn: imperial yarn tracie 2 ply sport weight in light blue, dark blue, red, yellow, white
needles: size 4 for the body and size 2 for the collar

i had been thinking about the construction of this sweater all summer and spent a lot of time planning - especially the sleeves.  this is what i ended up doing:

i started the sweater with the yellow ruffle on the bottom to represent snow's skirt. then k2tog all the way around and switched to the dark blue.  knit in the round up to the armholes where it was then split for the front and back.  made a square neckline and added a touch of shoulder shaping.  after sewing the shoulder seams together i worked a 1x1 rib around the neck line, mitering the corners and leaving the back open for enough room to get her head in.

now for the tricky sleeves... the best solution i came up with for them was to knit them horizontally around as opposed to from the bottom up as a normal sleeve.  this allowed me to work short rows in the red yarn to represent the pleats in snow's dress.  there was a ton of math involved to come up with the exact amount of rows to fit into the armhole to allow a gathered look.  after sewing in the sleeves, i gathered the bottoms of them and knit in a 1x1 rib in the yellow yarn for a bit.

i thought the sleeves would be the trickiest but that turned out to be the collar.  i knit and ripped it out 3 times.  working each side of the neck, i picked up stitches from the front neck edges and the back with a size 2 needles.  then knitting back and forth adding a mitered corner between the front and back to allow the collar to stand up.  after knitting 1 1/2 inches i decreased a stitch every right side row at the front to make a curved edge.  i then worked a 1x1 rib around the outer edge.  lastly, i crocheted and attached 3 button loops on the back of the neck.  

i took very detailed notes so maybe one day i'll write up the pattern...

she hasn't taken the sweater off in 2 days so i haven't been able to get any detailed pictures but i think it is worth it :)

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