Monday, January 5, 2009

One More Time!

i was totally done making the ever popular koolhaas hat - i mean really, isn't five enough?!   but my good friend specifically asked for one and since she is always doing so many nice things for everyone else - i figured she deserved one.  so guess what is now on the needles? 
jen's koolhaas

i am making it in my favorite koolhaas yarn, malabrigo worsted, in the color cypress which is sort of a blackish green.

the long "go with the flow" socks are all done.  i wore them today and they are super comfortable.  the details are all here on ravelry.
finished go with the flow

i really do love them but i wish i had started the february lady sweater instead.  after i finish the sixth koolhaas hat, it will get on the needles.  and i have some really yummy fibre company "road to china" for it.  can't wait to wear it!

i am also making some progress on the mystery baby gift...


rhonda said...

I am in love with the February Lady Sweater and hope to start it soon. i also love the Garter Yoke sweater: Can't wait to see your progress.

littlemisshalfpint said...

Your deserving friend really appreciates her very cool hat.... thank you! xo