Friday, January 9, 2009

I Think This Is It

for me for koolhaas - at least for a little while.
koolhaas #6

the good news is i got the chance to start my february lady sweater.  i can't really figure out what size to make.  after looking at people's projects on ravelry that are my size in real life, i decided to go with the xs.  i am really excited about it and normally would have it done by the end of this weekend - but there must be work done on the mystery project...
february lady sweater


knitting tiger said...

how do you get your pics in the middle of your page I can't seem to figure it out?????
Oh hi by the way how are you and the fam I'll see you soon hopefully

knitting tiger said...

Oh and I just ended up sewing the sweater up and........ I love your pictures

knitting tiger said...

Ok never mind I did it all on my own yay