Sunday, October 30, 2011

A New Coat

my daughter happens to be very picky about what she will wear.  it normally has to be very pink and twirly and not pants!!!  even though i am very aware of this, i still decided to make her a structured trench coat out of "gasp" mostly yellow corduroy. - with pink pokka dot trim...

front of coat

it is the softest corduroy from brooklyn general.  i purchased it a few years ago but they still have some left.  i strongly suggest picking some up if you can!  the pattern is from a japanese pattern book.  not being able to read japanese is normally not a problem, you can just follow the picture instructions like a piece of ikea furniture.  this one was a little tricky but i was able to figure it out.  

coat detail

however, the trickiest part of this project was getting e to wear something that isn't all pink and doesn't twirl.  it wasn't going so well and i thought this adorable coat would wind up in the never worn pile. the tide turned one day at brooklyn general.  we went to pick out the buttons and heather the great asked e if she could see the coat on.  she made such a big deal about how beautiful it looked on her that e fell in love - with the coat and heather! 

back of coat

the pattern calls for four buttons to form a double breasted closure.  even though pink buttons were picked out - e decided she didn't want them.  since she decided she loves it and wants to wear it all the time, i wasn't going to push it...

coat detail

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