Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beaded Lace

beaded shawl

beaded shawl

beaded shawl

pattern: #10 beaded lace shawl from vogue knitting holiday 2008
yarn: canopy fingering weight, river dolphin color, approx 1000 yards
needles: size 7 circular
approximately 1000 size 6 beads

beaded lace is really my all time favorite thing to knit. just the sense of accomplishment alone makes it great! i've made a few of them and really wanted to make this one for myself. my friend made it for her wedding and i thought it would look awesome in a non-white color.
the pattern is well written. the only comment i have on it is the bind off takes a really long time and A LOT of yarn!! i ran out but luckily, mary, had some.

oh - btw - i am not pregnant even though i appear to be in the last picture.

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Acrylic-Girl said...

Its just beautiful! I've managed some lace scarves in worsted weight, but I've never tried lace weight, so I am in awe. :)