Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty

hello kitty sweater
yarn: spud & chloe fine, pink #7808
needles: size 3 24" circular and 12" circular for sleeves
pattern: elizabeth zimmerman seamless yoke sweater

since h's star wars sweater was such a big hit i really wanted to make a fair isle yoke sweater for e. but i learned my lesson and made this one big - the star wars sweater is already getting a little small - eeks! the spud & chloe yarn has a great feel and great colors for kids - e is a little bit of pink freak...
the pattern is elizabeth zimmerman's seamless yoke sweater. have i ever said how much i love this pattern? so simple and i love how easy it is to add motifs of whatever the person is into. for e's i thought hello kitty was perfect - she loves her (and truth be told - so do i!). the cherries and hearts are basically from a sweater i saw on ravelry - subculture girl: stranded yoke pullover.
i used a lime green for the hem. have i ever said how much i love a hem on a sweater? also used the hem for the neck - i think this works fine and never feel the need for a ribbed neckline.
i have the chart of hello kitty and tried to post it but can't figure out how to do that - so if any of my fellow bloggers out there know how to paste a chart in a post, please tell me how!!!!!

next up for me - some little girl dresses and a hat for myself. plus, the house renovations are coming along so hopefully my craft room will be ready soon and i can actually sew a little...


Melly Testa said...

I am impressed! I miss you Lauren.

kt said...

hi is there a better way to contact you? i got a lesson from you for christmas but i lost your contact info. if you read your blog and could email me a better way to contact you that would be great. my name is Katie Benevento and my email is
p.s. your knitting is awesome!!! I can't wait for my lesson!!

TiO said...

I would like to buy a completed sweater, Mens medium. Possibly with some teal used.