Saturday, January 9, 2010

Not Blocked

but here's a shot of the green sweater on!
green sweater
as you can see, i still can't decide on any closures. for now i am going with broaches as closures until i come up with something else... the fabulous art direction of the photo is all mary!

i've got a norah gaughn sweater on the needles that i've been wanting to knit forever and i'm having a blast. after all these sweaters in the round there is something to be said for finishing pieces and knitting with decadent rosewood straight needles. but the lovely norah has to wait a little because my friday morning knitting group "the chickens" is doing a mitten kal. so here are the start of the egyptian mittens. don't hate me, anne, if i finish them soon - i have a long car trip this weekend ;)
chicken mittens

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