Monday, August 3, 2009

Quick Projects

the heat of summer makes me want to just knit lots of quick projects. i haven't been writing about it that much - but i've got some stuff ready to show off.

e has been a freak for yo gabba gabba, so i thought it would be cute to make her a foofa - she's pink and happy... i told h of my plan and he immediately requested his favorite, plex - a magic robot. here they are - foofa and plex:
foofa and plex

i'm quite proud. kept a picture of them on my phone and just referenced it as i knit - i think they came out cute and the kids are huge fans!
e loves foofa

i had been wanting to make the whisper cardigan from interweave's spring issue for awhile. when i realized it was my brother's girlfriend's birthday i had found the perfect reason.
whisper back

it is made from yummy malabrigo lace - you can get all the info on ravelry.

another project that i am quite proud of is my recycled pucker from norah gaughn. a few winters ago, i had made a rowan sweater out of some noro cash island. i loved the yarn but the sweater was huge and i could never wear it. i had used around 20 skeins of it, too! so for the pucker i just knit directly from the old sweater instead of frogging the whole thing.

i got this lovely little short sleeve sweater out of just the cowl and sleeves of the old sweater. i can't wait to wear it this fall and i think i can get another whole sweater out of the front and back.

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